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Can you give Dancer a new home

Name: Dancer

Sex: Bitch

Age:5-7 years

Breed: Greyhound

Date Added: 04/12/2015

Rescue Details for Dancer

Name:Dogs Trust Merseyside



Website: Visit Website

Telephone: 0151 480 0660



Bambi-lookalike Dancer is such a worried little girl. She doesn't enjoy kennel life at all and pines for her carers. She gets very attached to people and has never been left alone, so she's looking for a small family who can give her routine and predictability. She loves to be out and enjoys having pals to walk with.
Type of home needed

Dancer needs a quiet home where she can have her own space. Boundaries need to be set for her,for example, if you don't want her on the furniture, don't encourage her, or let her from the start, as she doesn't like people to grab her collar to move her. She will be best as the only pet in the home, although she does like having doggy friends when out walking. She craves company so she needs a home with someone who is there for most of the day. Dancer will need a CHILD FREE home and she is housetrained.

Important stuff about me...

Has basic housetraining

I like to be clean in the house!
Needs some training

I need all my basic training… but I am a quick learner!
Loves treats/will work for food

Offer me a tasty treat and you’ll have a friend for life…!
Live wire

I am always on the go, into everything and very active.
Bright spark/very clever

I am a fast learner and will need to be kept busy and stimulated.

If you would like to offer a new home for Dancer, please contact the rescue on 0151 480 0660 and ask for Vicki or send them an email if available.

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